Let’s talk about nuts

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Have you noticed? Nuts are everywhere. In foods, in spreads, even in the news.

Over the years, my feelings about nuts have ranged from extreme dislike, to ambivalent to “sure, why not?”; these days, I can honestly say I love ’em (though please don’t put them in cookies or cinnamon rolls–that’s never going to be ok with me).

I buy our household nut supply at Costco, where you can get big tubs of (well, anything really, it is Costco) almonds, cashews, peanuts, walnuts, you name it. We eat a lot of cashews, with almonds tossed in. A month or so ago, when I scored my 5 dolla chair, I also picked up a pretty, antique jar just perfect for the family nut stash. We all grab handfuls throughout the day as a quick and filling snack. And most hikes or lengthy family outings are not complete without a baggie…

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