Cardiovascular Risk – Not the same old info

I have to laugh when I hear people talk about it is the big pharmacy and  the medical community who are preventing us from curing diseases like heart disease and cancer. When they state there are simple cures, or that the companies don’t want to risk losing their profits and  are withhold lifesaving cures, I have to walk away. The human body is so complicated, and we are just learning how much we don’t know. It isn’t just about cholesterol, obesity, lack of exercise and smoking. There are so many factors that contribute to disease processes and we are only now beginning to understand them much less be able to manage them.

The comic link below shows many of the current lines of research of the contributing factors of heart disease. We continue to learn about the various issues which can cause the disease, then study to see if there is a way to modify these factors through pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. We certainly cannot use a one size fits all approach and care for patients as if the disease process is the same in each individual. Having worked in Cardiac Rehabilitation for a couple of decades, patients came in all shapes and sizes, some with perfect health habits, and others with every risk factor in the book. Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure helped some, but certainly not all. Many had great cholesterol numbers, and yet had severe heart disease. For some it’s genetics, but there is more to the story. How can one person get all the bad genes and the others miss out. One man I worked with who came from a family of 18 was alive in his late 70’s yet had lost 12 siblings before they were 40. They were raised on the same food, in the same environment. What caused his disease to present so much later than his siblings?

I have included an excerpt/link from The Fat Nurse whose blog can be found on WordPress at

Her information is credible and every heart patient should be able to talk intelligently about their disease including being able to ask their health care provider if there are other tests, or risk factors that should or could be evaluated. Health care providers might seem taken aback at first, but they are responsible to keeping up with the research. Sometimes it takes the patient to drive the clinician to learn more. Here are some of the cardiovascular risk factors that are discussed in the link below these include:

  • CRP
  • Apo B
  • Ldl – c
  • Ldl – P
  • Lp (a)
  • Lp-pla2

This comic goes over other measurements that are emerging on cardiovascular risk other than the conventional LDL HDL cholesterol measurements. A condensed simplified comic, but it may drive your curiosity to investigate more!