Barriers to health?

A poster presentation this week at AACVPR was on women and minorities not attending cardiac rehabilitation programs in spite of the increased awareness of the issues to the industry. There are many reasons, and one such study suggests it is more related to the strength of the physician  referral.  I think there is a multitude of reasons. We first must explore the human psyche and the  battles it’ fights daily. The below picture found on the internet takes the daily mental barriers to exercise  we face daily.  Then there are the other barriers that occur related to our families, to our accessibility and transportation,the financial battles we address as well as cultural barriers.  The poster presented to  may be found at AACVPR 2012 (2) (1)

It shows even though there have efforts to increase awareness  of under utilization by minorities and women as are less likely to attend cardiac rehabilitation there has been no significant improvement.

Healthcare utilization of these services are predominantly utilized by white men. As US healthcare trends become more widely accepted in other countries it would be beneficial to seek methods of delivery in other cultures. We must be honest with ourselves as well and recognize the traditional hospital based model cannot possibly be the main mode of delivery for many rural areas this is not feasible.  With the advent of technology there should be remote telemetry, phone, internet, social media based, or home based.