Stroke Know Your Brain


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    Love your heart, care for it:

    Desired Measurements (blood pressure) for Ms. Heart:
    Systolic: 90–119
    Diastolic; 60–79, with a rate range of 69-100.
    (depending on age, gender, and type of activity undertaken)
    One thing that cannot hurt is reducing table salt, and other sodium salts (present in canned foods) intake. There are lower Sodium table salt brands at the market, with mixtures of 25:75, 50:50, 75:25 and 100% Sodium: Potassium Chloride mixture Under medical supervision you should be able to lower you blood pressure, and loose few pounds while at it (since Sodium also has the property of making one retain water, to regulate the viscosity of your blood) it is the reason fro which to make cream thicker we add a pinch (of a ton) of salt (results guaranteed).

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