Exercise Make it a habit

To make a lifestyle change takes time. Research tells us to make something a habit  it can take as little as one month – or twenty-eight days, to as long as sixty-six days. When it comes to exercise I firmly believe it often takes as long as six months. There are too many barriers that can divert the progress and then you are starting over again.

Wouldn’t that be nice!

Life throws constant curve balls at us and often the first thing to go is our physical activity or exercise.

It’s motivational to think of  this picture as your habit, but reality for many is it isn’t. Life throws all kinds of curveball at us. If you have stumbled on your road to a physically active lifestyle, getting started again and sticking with it gets back sometimes faster, sometimes slower but at least you are back to working to make it a habit or back to maintenance again. When we look at the stages of change model you see it takes doing the action for greater than six months to get to where it is maintenance. I would consider maintenance to be a habit. If you have ever embarked on changing a sedentary lifestyle to a physically active lifestyle you probably hit many stumbling blocks. A stumbling block could be access, weather, family support, time constraints, injuries, illness…etc.

Start today to build that habit.

Can you stay physically active for six continuous month?

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