Very good point for all heart patients to know. Especially the points that it isn’t cured by intervention, and that symptoms may continue in spite of intervention.

Heart Sisters

by Carolyn Thomas    ♥  @HeartSisters

Being asked to write a book review is largely a royal pain. Authors hope you will be kind, while you hope the book at best might tell you something that every other book for heart patients hasn’t already told you. I frequently write here about books I like reading, but I won’t write about books I don’t – a waste of the very limited hours I have left on this earth, preferring instead to simply ignore them. As my late friend and co-author Jill Stewart Bowen used to say of our first book project together:

“The mediocre they can find for themselves.”

Perhaps that’s why a review copy of the book called Your Personal Guide: Angioplasty*sat on my coffee table for weeks (looking quite smart nestled on top of a pile of other heart books next to the candle centrepiece, I…

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  1. Hello Elizabeth and thanks for reposting my Heart Sisters article here for your readers. I love your site! Keep up the good work.

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