Infection Prevention MRSA

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Heart patients be alert for signs of infection. Immune systems are often compromised following hospitalizations. Protect your open wounds. Here are some very helpful tips to prevent one of the more challenging infections routinely seen postoperatively, MRSA. At the first sign of infection be sure to be seen by your primary care doctor and/or cardiologist. 

Infection Prevention

Does your Cardiac Rehabilitation program ensure your leads are clean each time you place them by your fresh wound from open heart surgery?

Do you clean them or does the staff? Infection prevention is important. You are your best advocate for infection prevention. The same goes for the exercise equipment, how do you ensure that the equipment is safe? Do you clean it prior and post exercise or does the staff? Do you trust the person before you cleaned it  thoroughly?

 It is important that everyone take a role in infection control and prevention.

MRSA, C-Diff, Staph Aureus,  VRE are common hospital acquired infections many patients are being treated for these yet may still carry the bugs to the outpatient clinics.  Do your part the next time you are in either inpatient or outpatient. Demand the equipment is cleaned regularly, and ask questions. It is OK  you may feel you are frustrating the healthcare worker, but it is your life and quality of recovery that suffers which is much more important than their feelings.