Cardiac Rehabilitation programs continue to under serve Women and Minorities

Despite all the promotion of women and heart disease, women and minorities still do not attend cardiac rehabilitation programs.

This poster is being presented September 2012 at the annual American Association of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation conference in Orlando , Florida.

Click on the link  AACVPR 2012 (2) (1)   to see a poster presentation on women and minorities being under served in traditional cardiac rehabilitation programs in the United States. Although attention has been called to this issue for many years, we have yet to see changes in the utilization rates.  There are a number of reasons why women and minorities may not attend, including transportation, cost, lack of support systems, lack of insurance, yet the strength of the physician referral seems to be the strongest indicator as to whether a person attends  rehabilitation following a heart issue.

AACVPR 2012 (2) (1)