Caring for your heart today

Did you wake feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep?

Did you take your medications as prescribed?

Did you start the day with a healthy breakfast including lean protein, fruit or vegetables?

Will you get 30 minutes or more of exercise in today?

Did you do any weight training, yoga or stretching?

Did you get 5 servings of fruit and vegetables in?

Did you get a rainbow of colors in to your diet today?

Did you meet your calorie and nutritional goals today?

How will you manage stress today, will you carry it with you all day or explode in anger…I hope not, neither of these are healthy.

Will you take five to ten minutes to relax or meditate?

Were you social today visiting with friends, family or neighbors?

Did you take time to hug someone?

Have you logged any heart symptoms or concerns so you will be able to speak to your healthcare provider about them?

Have you mentored another about the risks of heart disease?

Will you share what is important to you with another today? Maybe a favorite book, verse, food, song, feeling, vacation place etc.?

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