Mentoring families in physical activity


Families should work together to mentor one another in healthy lifestyles.

 We can all learn from one another. Today the goal was to get the teens outdoors more. The plan to get them outdoors involved watching their mother attempt to balance on a slack line. With wobbly and I do mean wobbly legs, a few shrieks from fear while falling, they were suddenly off the computer and the Wii and engaged, proving how much more adept they could be on the slack line. This lasted for a while but then they were lured back in by their media sources. Next plan water skiing. Once again they can’t let mom show them up, so after taking turns we all got skiing in.

It worked that way with getting them involved in running too. I was planning to run a 5k when they wanted to know what all the fuss was about, next thing I knew I had them registered at ages 5 and 7 for their first 5k. Now I had been planning for a personal best time, and ended up with a personal worse time, but I sparked a passion for them.

It doesn’t have to be a competition, maybe an evening walk, a swim, a game of badminton, a yoga pose. If you make it seem fun, a contest, or be silly with it, they are likely to try it. If you promote physical activity as a chore, a burden or an all consuming necessity, I guarantee your kids won’t participate. Entice the family by setting up the activity, or playing with your spouse first, then others will want to join in. Keep it light and fun. Enjoy!!!

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