School Lunches

A Transparency

I found this today while on web. It is interesting. I certainly hope that we can add more local fresh fruits and vegetables into our lunches. I also question why a starch with the example of pizza, one wouldn’t need another serving of a starch, especially if the vegetable was a starchy vegetable. Why can’t we offer choices between milk and/or water? Of course not bottled water use a paper cup and pitcher or cooler and have it self serve.

This infographic by GOOD shows the difference between a prison lunch and a school lunch. Both are roughly the same cost (just over $2.60) and contain about the same amount of calories (around 1400). But surprisingly, prisoners get more items to eat and healthier options, with 1/2 cup of vegetables and one serving of fruit or dessert, compared to the school children’s 1/2 cup of vegetables or fruit.

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Creative Sweet Treats: Healthy Snack Ideas

Kids come home from school and they are starving, they are looking for food. My middle schooler eat’s his lunch at 10:45. They want something fast. If you suggest fruit, it gets boring, and doesn’t appeal after they have been watching their friend eat prepackaged unhealthy snacks delivered in the classroom or packed in lunches. So mix it up on occasion try making one of these. You are still getting healthy food, plus that little extra so the family feels they are getting something special.

frozen banana bites Frozen Banana Bites
chocolate kiwi popsicles Chocolate Kiwi Popsicle
Blueberries covered in honey greek yogurt and frozen. Great healthy snack to have around when craving sweets. Blueberries covered in honey greek yogurt and frozen. Great healthy snack to have around when craving sweets.
yogurt bites!Yogurt Bites

I have found Pintrest to be very helpful and encourage the family to pick the snacks they would like to have for the week. It was my compromise after hearing for months “Why can’t I have Lunchables?”

Here’s the link these pics came from, they are all easy, quick to prepare ahead of time, and go over well with the family.

Sugar and school lunches

Whether you pack a lunch or you purchase school lunch consider the amount of sugar you are getting with each serving.  This is a great visual display of sugar content in foods. Also the revamped school lunch program. I want to go back to school to see if it really looks like this. I sure hope so, and I hope it comes from local farms.

Sugar is the number one cause for diabetes and obesity in our youth today.