4 thoughts on “Fat and Calories

  1. I just want to say thank you for educating us on heart disease, I had a scare a few days ago and it was your articles that educated me enough to get to the ER. Thankfully I did not have a heart attack but was kept in over night and found no other heart issues. But the ER doc, my doctor and the nurses all told me I did the right thing…now what caused these symptoms? Next week I follow up with my doctor and we will figure that out. I am glad I have enough knowledge to get to the ER because I presented most of the symptoms and it could have been worse. They treated me immediately that if I had a heart attack, I am confident that it would have been early enough to minimize the damage.

    • I am thankful you read the blog and went in. You are right if it was a heart attack early intervention can make the damage negligible.So always err to the side of being cautious.

      Now as to follow up discuss should they perform stress testing, if the symptoms were from microvascular angina or Prinz metal angina, what you should do in the future if you have the same symptoms – are there medications for you to take? What are the risk factors that you and your health care provider can work to get better control of. These are questions to write down and make sure you come out with an answer you understand and can live with.
      Wishing you the best in health for the future. Thanks for reading.

    • Thanks for the questions to ask…I did have a stress test and it came back negative to any other heart issues. Are there any other follow up questions I should ask? I see my family dr on Tuesday and I am going to discuss GERD with him and if there is any other chances of something being wrong with the heart. Can you advise me?

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