Exercise the key to a happier healthier you

Do you do it?

Most of the push today is for obesity prevention and control, but for heart patients it is essential for growth of collateral vessels so the body forms its own natural bypass around blockages. This is crucial for anyone with peripheral artery disease PAD. In fact the goal is 60 minutes for PAD patients. My last post was on depression, again the use of exercise lifts the spirits, exercise releases endorphins, which are the feel good chemicals that circulate in the body. We can talk about it all day the why you should exercise, but the bigger question do you do it? Can you stick with it? What barriers must you overcome to be able to adopt exercise as part of you day? If exercise benefits came in a pill form most would never question it and take the pill regularly without regard to side effects. Start your program, keep a log of the frequency you are able to do. It doesn’t have to be high intensity or hard, it just has to happen. Do it regularly for a few months, then try to build the intensity a little if you can.


5 thoughts on “Exercise the key to a happier healthier you

  1. Really interesting sheet of figures – it really hits home when you see it like that and I think more people ‘get it’! – lets hope it changes for the better in 2013 🙂

  2. It’s truly amazing the difference exercise makes in the way you feel. And I don’t just mean physically–it really helps with anxiety, depression and even body image issues, even when you are exercising and you don’t look “fit.”

    • You are correct! Exercise provides so many benefits, a very important one is it helps to maintain independence by allowing us to do our activities of daily living as we age, but also the mental health and wellbeing aspects so it isn’t just about longevity but the quality of life. It isn’t all about having the perfect body or bmi.

  3. I believe too little importance is placed upon exercise when children are young. They do need to build a good habit in the early years so when they are able to do what ever they want at least exercise will already be a big part of their life. Well we can live and hope.

    Blogs like this help encourage this I believe so thank you for your posts.

    • I agree exercise should be part of a family routine, whether it is a daily walk or bike ride, a trip to the gym, a game basketball,volleyball, badminton, ping pong…etc…and stretching, or weights, or yoga practices….if children are raised with that as a part of their daily life we would all be healthier.

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